How Waterlase Works

Waterlase combines a powerful laser with a stream of cooling water. This ensures that the laser only affects the directly targeted area–everything around is cooled to keep heat from traveling through the tooth.

This makes the laser dentistry experience extremely gentle. People often feel just the stream of water when we treat their teeth. There’s also no sound of the dental drill, which can make for a more pleasant experience.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

You’re probably used to dental treatment that uses a drill whenever you have a cavity or need a crown or veneer. For some people, the experience of the drill is so unpleasant that they already know they want to try laser dentistry. Others, though, might wonder why they would want to go to a dental practice that offers laser dentistry. Here are some of the reasons why laser dentistry is better for you.

More Comfortable

Dental drills can cause tooth discomfort even though they never get near the tooth pulp, the living part of the tooth. That’s because they create vibrations, heat, and pressure that travel through the tooth into the pulp. When the pulp gets irritated, it swells, just like any other soft tissue in your body. But the pulp is confined, so swelling increases pressure, and that makes the pulp hurt.

Our dental laser is combined with a cooling spray of water so your tooth doesn’t experience any heat, pressure, or vibration. This means that we can do your dental procedure with less anesthesia–sometimes with none at all.

Plus, there’s no dental drill sound, a common source of dental anxiety

More Convenient

When we can do your procedure without anesthesia, we can save time. We don’t have to wait around for the anesthesia to take effect, which may require multiple attempts. In addition, the dental laser can work faster than the drill. While the drill has to grind away everything, the laser can make precise cuts to remove larger sections faster.

If we don’t need to use anesthetic, it makes it easier to treat multiple areas of the mouth at the same time, which makes it easier to complete procedures like smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation.

Couple smiling after a laser dentistry treatment

More Precise

A dental drill is only as precise as the width of its point. It inevitably has to grind away excess tooth material to make sure we’re getting all the decay. A dental laser can have an almost infinitely small point, which enables us to remove exactly what we want from your tooth, leaving more healthy tooth material, which can help your tooth stay healthier for longer.

Less Collateral Damage

The heat, vibration, and pressure of the dental drill can cause collateral damage to your tooth. Tooth enamel is like glass–it can shatter. Even if it doesn’t shatter, it can develop cracks that can grow as a result of normal biting and chewing.

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