Safe Fillings and Restorations

At South Bay Prosthodontics, we work hard to evaluate all the restoration materials we use. We make sure that all the materials are biocompatible or at least bioinert. That is why we prefer ceramic restorations whenever possible. Our composite fillings are BPA-free, too, so you don’t have to worry about potential interference with developmental hormones when you get family dentistry at our dental office.

We use a minimum of metal in our dentistry. We only utilize it when there is no other good option.

Safe Metal Amalgam Filling Removal

We don’t just place safe restorations, we can remove potentially harmful restorations, such as metal amalgam fillings. We remove these materials safely, protecting you, our staff, and California’s waterways from additional mercury exposure.

When we remove your metal amalgam fillings, we will replace them with bioinert ceramic fillings that are strong, beautiful, and durable.

Why You Should Remove Metal Amalgam Fillings

If you have metal amalgam fillings, you should consider removing them because of the risks they pose to you, the environment, and your teeth.

Metal Amalgam Fillings Are Toxic for You

Metal amalgam fillings contain a significant amount of mercury. They can be 50% mercury or more by weight.

This mercury doesn’t stay in the fillings. It seeps out of the filings into your teeth and into your body. People with mercury fillings have significantly higher levels of mercury in their bodies. In the past, we thought this might just be elemental mercury–the type put into the filling, which is less toxic. However, now we know that mercury fillings can also increase your levels of the biotoxic form methylmercury.

Some people experience a wide range of symptoms, mostly nerve disorders, related to metal amalgam fillings.

Metal Amalgam Fillings Are Toxic for the Environment

The mercury in your metal amalgam fillings is bad for the environment, too. Although most of the mercury from your fillings stays in your body, some of it leaves the body in your urine, where it enters the water system and can threaten wildlife, especially large, predatory fish, birds, and mammals.

The rest of the mercury in your fillings and your body becomes airborne if you or your family opts for cremation of your remains. Air quality regulations only limit the number of cremations a facility can perform, not the amount of mercury released in the cremation. This airborne mercury descends to earth, often with rain that takes it to the water system. Even in places with coal-burning power plants, mercury may account for 7% of mercury emissions.

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Metal Amalgam Fillings Are Bad for Teeth

Perhaps the best reason to remove amalgam fillings is that they are bad for your teeth.

Metal amalgam fillings expand and contract faster with temperature changes than your natural teeth. This makes the fillings swell larger than the cavity, putting stress on the tooth that can weaken and crack it. When the filling contracts, it creates space for bacteria and acids to penetrate between the fling and your tooth, fostering acidic damage there.

Because these fillings block X-rays, it’s hard for us to spot this damage until it becomes serious.

Finally, metal amalgam fillings are unattractive. They start silver, but turn black when they rust, making your teeth look as if they have gaping holes or grotesque staining.

Get Holistic Dentistry in Torrance, CA

If you are looking for a dental practice that takes your overall health into account, consider South Bay Prosthodontics. Because of our prosthodontic focus, we are an ideal choice for removing old metal fillings and replacing them with safe, attractive ceramic ones.

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