Precise Implants Capture (PIC)

Precise Implants Capture (PIC) lets our prosthodontists capture the accurate position and orientation of dental implants to design and manufacture crowns, bridges, and dentures for them. This is the most advanced system to ensure a perfect fit the first time every time for dental implant restorations. It not only means you’ll have fewer appointments to get your restorations, but it can also help ensure optimal comfort, fit, and durability.

WaterLase Technology


Waterlase combines laser energy with a cool stream of water to allow us to treat both soft and hard tissues precisely, quickly, and comfortably. You can avoid the noise, heat, vibration, and pressure related to dental drills while getting fast and accurate dental treatments. This means less discomfort for your dental care–many people don’t need anesthesia for fillings and crowns when we use Waterlase!

Trios Technology


Trios is a digital impression system. Instead of biting down into a tray filled with goo, we just wave a scanner over your teeth and construct a digital 3D image that we can use to plan your restorations. We can send it to the dental lab or use it in-house with our CAD/CAM systems.

STA Technology


The Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) system is also known as the wand because it feels like magic. This approach to anesthesia reduces discomfort from anesthesia injections and limits the anesthesia effect to the treatment area. You’ll experience less numbness in your lips, cheek, and tongue than with traditional anesthesia approaches while getting more reliable numbness in the tooth or teeth to be treated.

CBCT Technology


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a 3D x-ray system that lets us precisely image your orofacial structures, including teeth and bones. CBCT isn’t an enclosed system like medical CT scans–it’s open and not claustrophobic. It also provides us with great detail for the areas we’re interested in.

coDiagnostiX Digital Treatment Planning

coDiagnostiX digital treatment planning consolidates numerous types of dental information from Trios, CBCT, and other sources to help us decide on the best treatment for you. This helps us with case planning and gives you the benefit of seeing a representation of your results before you agree to a procedure. It makes guiding your final results easier because you can see what we’re planning.

Precise planning also makes your procedure faster and easier while helping you to get great results.

CAD CAM Technology

CAD/CAM Printing and Milling

We can print and mill many types of prostheses in our office. This can speed treatment and help ensure accurate results.

Advanced Prosthodontic Care in Torrance, CA

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