Teeth Whitening

Do you often find yourself hiding your smile from those around you? Or perhaps you avoid having your picture taken because you feel the need to hide a stained or yellowed smile. The emotional impact of not loving your smile can have serious consequences for your self-confidence. The truth is a bright, white smile shows that you care about your appearance and your health. If you are tired of being ashamed or embarrassed to show off your smile, obtaining a beautifully white smile has never been easier! At South Bay Prosthodontics we are proud to help you achieve the smile you want, and the smile you deserve.

Why are my teeth discolored?

There are a wide variety of factors that can cause or contribute to tooth discoloration, some of the most common we encounter include:

  • Environmental Staining: Exposing your teeth to substances such as nicotine and tar from tobacco use, or tannins from teas and wine can stain your teeth. This is especially problematic if you do not rinse and wash immediately after exposure.
  • Aging: As we age, the protective layer of enamel that coats our teeth naturally wears down. This thinning of enamel allows more of the darker inner structure of out teeth, the dentin, to show through and causes teeth to appear darker.
  • Poor oral hygiene: A poor oral hygiene regimen allows for the buildup of plaque and tartar. In turn the destructive acids produced by this build up allow teeth to more easily become discolored and stained.
  • Genetics: The thickness of the enamel on your teeth is highly variable from individual to individual. Those who naturally have a thicker layer of enamel may experience less staining, while those born with a thinner layer may find themselves more susceptible to staining and darkening.
  • Medications: Certain medications such as antibiotics, antihistamines, and particular chemotherapy drugs are known to affect both tooth color and susceptibility to staining.

Your Torrance, CA dentist will work with you to determine the unique factors that have contributed to your staining or discoloration. Determining the root cause can help to not only ensure that the best whitening procedure is chosen for your specific needs, but also helps you to identify habits that need to be changed if you are going to protect your newly whitened smile!

The KoR tooth whitening system

The KoR tooth whitening system is a unique combination of both at-home and in-office whitening that produces stunning results! Many patients see as many as 16 shades of whitening, by the end of treatment. This revolutionary system utilizes custom-made dental trays to protect the whitening solution from being contaminated by your saliva – and from leaking into your mouth. This lack of contamination means you will receive from 6-10 hours of nightly whitening activity with KoR, compared to 25-35 minutes of whitening activity most competitors’ trays provide. When paired with a simple office visit to finish off the whitening, the results achieved are truly stunning!

Laser teeth whitening

For those looking for the quickest – and easiest—method of teeth whitening, South Bay Prosthodontics offers Biolase Epic Laser® tooth whitening. Utilizing the high intensity light of the laser to activate a proprietary whitening gel, amazing results can be achieved. Epic laser teeth whitening can provide from 6 to 12 shades of whitening in a single 20-minute appointment!

How long does tooth whitening last?

Lasting results from tooth whitening are easily achieved with a good at-home oral hygiene regimen and periodic maintenance utilizing either the KoR whitening system or Epic Laser® Whitening.

What makes KoR whitening different?

High potency whitening gel

KoR whitening gels are continuously refrigerated for freshness and maximum effectiveness.

KoR-seal trays

So comfortable, you might forget you are wearing them, so effective they provide 6-10 hours of effective whitening.

KoR Desensitizer

Gone are the days of sensitive teeth due to whitening. A desensitizing solution is easily applied at home prior to installing your whitening trays.

Is teeth whitening safe?

The chemicals used for teeth whitening have an excellent track record, having been used safely for nearly three decades with no major drawbacks. Additionally, by having your teeth whitened under the guidance and supervision of a dentist, the health of your teeth is protected.

How white will my teeth get with dentist supervised whitening?

Utilizing the KoR whitening system, you can expect to see 16 shades of whitening or more. Making KoR whitening ideal for those with severe staining or discoloration. The Epic Laser® system provides patients with 6-12 shades of whitening, making it the ideal solution for those with milder staining and discoloration.

There is hope for your smile and your confidence, and it starts at South Bay Prosthodontics

Our prosthodontists have the education and experience to give you the smile you deserve and the oral health you need to lead a beautiful, healthy life. If you’re ready to get your oral health and your self-confidence back on track, call South Bay Prosthodontics today to schedule your consultation

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